Be Right Back- We Are Moving!

Hi Guys!

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am redesigning the blog to get it a bit more interactive and add a few more features on there.
This space has predominantly been for recipes and off the cuff posts. A journal for writing thoughts and things “when I feel like it” to be completely honest.

Now at the homestretch of my pregnancy and along with the way I have grown during the whole process has opened up a conversation in my head to write more, create more, do more & be more. Total realness right now.

So the content will be varied and more of a Lifestyle website with the same core values of Plantbased  living & keeping it 100% real + positive.

What you can expect?

Topics will range from Motherhood Struggles, Product Reviews, Press Days, Vlogs and a few other exciting things too.

Recipes will always always be at the forefront of what I love creating so trust that they are staying.

So watch this space for all the details of the launch date and website too.

I hope you will all join me on the new platform and it opens up tonnes of conversations amongst us too.

B U T, before I go I’ll leave you with my 



1 Cup GF Oats

1 Cup Pumpkin Seeds

1/2 Cup Buckwheat Groats

1 Cup Pitted Medjool Dates

1 Cup Dried Figs

1 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder


  1. Take a handful of the mixed ingredient & blitz it once in the blender 
  2. Mix the blended 1/2 into the rest so you still have some crunch to the Rawnola
  3. Store in an air tight container for about a week 

You can use it over smoothies, for parfaits & even just a spoonful for the extra boost of quick energy!!! 

See you all soon!





The Lactation Smoothie Series

One of those things I dreaded the first time around because it was more LACK- Tation then anything. Truth be told, like every first time mother I had no clue and the guidance/ help just wasn’t there. So I panicked. The more I stressed, the less I produced. It was as simple in my Breastfeeding journey.

I spoke to my Health Visitor, the Midwives ( who weren’t as helpful as I thought they would be apart from handing me a breast pump contraption with an instruction manual on the second day after having baby) and the Postnatal Nurse who told me to keep trying.

Apart from that, I only knew to cry to my Mom on Skype. The reason I am breaking it down on a real one is because I know I am not alone in saying that Breastfeeding can be both the most easiest things to some new mothers to do and also the most gut wrenching, guilt associated activity of a new mother’s journey.

Once I had wholeheartedly told how much I hated breastfeeding to my mom, she said you will come to love it once you start producing more and it will get easier. She shed light on the lactation diet. IT IS TOTALLY A THING. Well atleast in my household, passed down from generations of Moms. My great grand ma, grandmother, my mother and now me. I couldn’t agree with this more.

Lactation Foods you ask? Yup they exist. Food that increases milk production. For reals. Some you will experience with in 24-48 hours (so keep that breast pump ready) and others you will see a gradual increase in production within the week of consuming. All these methods/ recipes I have tried, tested and aced. Can I also point out that they are all natural remedies and will work differently on everyone. Our bodies are all different so please don’t go into this expecting “miracles”. Be patient. Chill.

So First up babes

  1. Ginger Bread Oatmeal Smoothie

Oatmeal is a breastfeeding mother’s winning ingredient. Not only is it high in iron which is known to increase production of milk but also helps lower cholesterol. It’s an excellent source of carbs + fibre + a whole other list of nutrients.

OAtmeal Smoothie.jpg

Ofcourse scientifically, nothing has been proved that Oats is a Milk Producing godsend but hand on heart. This is what genuinely worked for me and made both Juno and I smile through the feeding sessions


1 Cup Cooked Oatmeal

1 Banana

1 Spoon Baobab Powder

1 Spoon Manilife Peanut Butter

3 Thin Slices of Ginger


Blend Blend Blend, et voila. It’s my go to whether feeding or not.

Top with whatever you fancy. I used Chia Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Buckwheat Groats ( I am obsessed) and pumpkin seeds

Next up……

2. Fenugreek

Sounds absolutely insane right? But hear me out. This little magic spice has been used in Indian cooking for centuries. Fenugreek has a long list of health benefits including great skin, shiny hair and promoting lactation too.

I remember when that time of the month would come around and the usual cramping begins, we always grabbed a handful of fenugreek seeds and chugged it down with some water. Within an hour or so, the cramping stopped and it just worked.

Fenugreek hair mask, face mask + body scrub. The list of what you can use this magic ingredient for is endless.

Its also a “Galactagogue” which is basically a food that helps increase breastmilk production. It’s all natural and of course you do get it in a pill form too make sure its certified organic, chemical free etc etc

It can be bitter and leave an after taste, but I don’t mind it at all. And when mixed in with a smoothie, you won’t even be able to tell.


So here is how you Fenugreek the shit out of your smoothie.


2 Tablespoons Fenugreek

Handful Blackberries

1 Tablespoon Walnuts

1/2 Banana

1 Tablespoon Aduna World Baobab Powder

1 Cup Filtered Water


  1. Add the Walnuts + Fenugreek Seeds in to your blender and give them a whizz to get them blended well
  2. Add in the rest of the ingredients
  3. Blend Blend Blend

Please feel free to use any toppings you like. I used Macadamia Nuts + Pistachios & chopped dried Figs

Next up & one of my most reached for….

The Humble Spinach

The humble but heavyweight source of Iron+ Folic Acid Pre & Post Pregnancy, won’t let you down when its time to breastfeed. It’s packed with Vitamins, Fibre and a whole lot of other amazingness. It’s easily available + affordable. So don’t give me any crap about not being able to get your hands on Spinach/ Leafy Greens.

Folate/ Folic Acid is advised when you conceive for a healthy lung development of the fetus. And once baby is here, he or she will continue to get it via what you consume. Leafy Greens are amazing and listen to Popoye the Sailor man, except avoid canned spinach though.


Here is how to make your Spinach smoothie super Sexy…


2 Epic handfuls Spinach- Washed

1 Cup Oat Milk

2 Medjool Dates

1 Tablespoon Aduna World Moringa Powder

1/2 Banana


  1. Add all the ingredients to the blender
  2. Blend Blend Blend that sexy mess

I always add extra toppings on my smoothies. So I went with Buckwheat Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds & Sunflower Seeds.

Papa’s these are great to rustle up pre and post workout too. So when you make yourselves a glass, make that gorgeous Mama one too. Because better believe you will get extra brownie points.

Mama’s good luck with the journey. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take the rough with the smooth too.

Love & Hugs






Second Time Around

Namaskaaram All,

I cannot even deal with how cute the baby is. Turns out I completely skipped half of my first trimester because the above scan is 16.5 weeks. So the due date has now been pushed forward, which I am ecstatic about.

Were we expecting this? Nope. Did we plan for it? Nope. But heart of hearts I wanted another bubba soon. We are obviously over the moon but under estimated the reality of the situation.

I have about 10 minutes of energy to write this post after which I will need to find the recharge battery to start my day with a 3 year old.

Every pregnancy is different and that  was something I was very aware of. What I had conveniently forgotten was the level of fatigue you experience in the First Trimester.

Intense would be an understatement for what the first tri felt like. Believe me, there is nothing you can do about it apart from rest when you can especially if you already have a toddler at hand and his/her schedule to deal with.

The reality of ¬†my second pregnancy is that I haven’t ¬†been as obsessive as my first one. Drooling over the scan pictures or looking at¬† on a weekly basis to gauge the growth of baby bean. Or strolling into baby shops and starring at onesies not being able to decide if I wanted just whites or yellows.

I did feel guilty for all of the above, but I have a toddler that runs on a schedule and my main concern was to always keep myself energised for him. That does not mean I do not love this bean I am growing like a champ. Because GIRL POWER.

So here are a few things I learnt to manage during the First Trimester. And might I just add, it took ridiculous amount of effort ha ha. But you just have to do it.

Managing Fatigue 

I started feeling fatigue a week before I figured out I was pregnant. I couldn’t keep up with my workouts. I was struggling to find the physical motivation to just get up out of my bed every morning. It was just this overall sense of feeling heavy and lethargic. In all honesty I put it down to attending Press events+ writing posts and creating recipes for the videos I had planned through summer.

The guilt of not being to continue or cope with the pace I was usually used to was eating me up. I went to the extent of even telling my GP I felt burnt out and never even for a second give pregnancy a thought.

I cut off myself from all social media to rest my mind and found I still felt extreme exhaustion. That is when I decided to get tested and voila.

Listen, real talk. When you already have a child + his schedule. The only way is to pace your energy levels through out the day. It took me a bit longer than I wanted to realise how to manage this pregnancy fatigue. It’s natural and its normal too. You aren’t alone.

  • Listen to your body.Rest when you need it. You will thank yourself for it later on in the day
  • 5 Minute meditation.¬†First thing you wake up or before going to bed. Just a simple breathe in, breathe out to reboot mentally and prep yourself for the days events.
  • Pause when you need to. And by that I mean Slow Down

Vegan Diet

So this is my first time growing a baby as a vegan. And let me tell you straight up its been hard. So so hard. Because with this one, I’ve been craving Dairy + Chicken!!

Why? I do not have the answer to that. But its confession time and straight up I had a chicken wing and a cappuccino + an indian dairy dessert called Faluda a few weeks back. 

The guilt consumed me but again, a plant based lifestyle is still a transition for me and after “satisfying” my craving I was done.

Have I touched meat since, nope. My system didn’t take to it very well and I have to sincerely apologise to the plant based gods and my body. Yes yes I know overdramatic. To some people it may not be a big deal but for me its about discipline and principle.

To be honest, I’ve been so exhausted to cook a decent meal. So it’s been a lot of juices, smoothies. Porridge bowls and just cut up fruits and lentils.

My go to meals have been Dosai and Idli. Those of you that follow me on Instagram know its been my jam.


Green juices are another favourite of mine to rustle up in the morning or the previous night. I try and get in a lot of Spinach whenever I can but sadly I have gone off my favourite leafy green. So the best way I found was to throw it all into a juice.

I make sure I try and get as much goodness as I can in every meal I have been chucking together. Literally there has been no cooking for a long time. My tastebuds are all over the place so its been largely plates of cut up fruits, sautéed chickpeas and steamed veg. Still trying to keep it as healthy as possible for bean.

But believe me there have been evenings where the carving for an Extra Large Pizza, a bottle of 1 Litre Coke and just lots of cheesy Nachos has been out of control. But I have been rescued by where we live as the shops and cafes shut at 5 or 8pm latest and we have no Uber Eats or Deliveroo services.

Good Times!



Two words, Fresh Air. Get acquainted.

In the first tri, even washing hair is a chore and laying on the couch for hours on end is the ideal dream. And that is all I did for the first couple of weeks before getting absolutely bored and missing my workouts and the outdoors.

I miss working out like a beast but at the same time I like this paced out fitness routine as well.

In my first pregnancy, I was extremely active and didn’t really gain much weight so post baby was able to lose that weight pretty quickly as well. But with my second, I started showing a lot sooner, the weight gain has been pretty rapid and of course Juno keeps me active but that just means he is my only cardio for now and I am completely okay with this. Accepting that your body will change when you go through pregnancy is a battle in itself but eventually with patience and handwork you will and can lose that weight too.


So I’ve had to be creative with the way I keep fit to carry my body as I get bigger and to make me feel amazing too. You know that post workout feeling *sigh*.

  • Walking- Get those steps in. I make sure I clock in an hour of walking everyday. It just gets me in such an amazing mood and I know the bean loves it too. And it blatantly helps you keep your weight gain in check. Ain’t nobody got time for Gestational Diabetes.
  • Yoga-¬†My most favourite. But y’all knew that already. Ofcourse advanced levels of backbending and headstands aren’t my go to at the moment. But a simple stretch, Plank and Cat/ Cow has been magic for my back. Gives me clarity, refreshes my mind and connects me to the baby bean. Happy days. You can also contact your local Yoga Community and find out if they hold pre-natal classes as well. Obviously please check with your OB before proceeding with any exercising.
  • Dance- Believe it or not, this wasn’t something I practiced in my first pregnancy. But with a toddler on hand, it keeps me Cardio’ing + entertains him widely. Winning.

Me Time

Find your ‘feel good’ and stick to it. Make it that one thing you do everyday to take care of yourself. Whether its reading, writing, filming, editing, walking or even just taking time to beat that face.

For me it’s been journaling my weeks of pregnancy, just as I did for Juno. Reading back those pages makes me smile so hard because he is exactly how he was in my belly and it blows my mind.

It’s fun, its cheap and its one of my favourite memory keepsakes too.


Every week has been different and will be. It is all going to be one big event.

So telling myself to just enjoy the process has been a major effort sometimes. One of the most important things for my everyday existence to keep my hours of the day positive. And I will go to any length to find that positivity and reset my mindset if I am not feeling so great one one of the days.

Growing a baby is a absolute priviledge regardless of all the swelling going on for the next few months. And I enter it with a whole heart and incredible amounts of gratitude.

My mantra this time around. Stop comparing both your pregnancies. Rather learn from the first and be patient with yourself. 

Congratulations to all new mummies all around the world. I hope this helps any of you looking for different angles of managing the second pregnancy. And also babes know you aren’t alone.

Lots of love guys!!

How Would You Like To Feel Everyday?


Namaskaaram beautiful beings. How are we all doing and feeling today? Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrations.

¬†I have been gone a while and all shall be addressed soon. Also guys, I don’t want to put content out there just to get that post in. You know? I write when I’m inspired. That’s that.
But in the meantime. A discussion I frequently find myself involved in is, how I decide or feel the way I do every single day? And et voila, why not write about it c’est √ßa?

I mean wouldn’t it be amazing to have your feelings mapped out for you like the days of the week. So we go to sleep on a “relaxed” Sunday night and wake up “motivated” on Monday. But ofcourse we all know that’s not the way the cookie crumbles.
Obviously when asked how do you want to feel? Everyone chooses Happiness pretty much on a daily basis. But when I really really give this ” Happiness” some further investigative thought. It dawned on me that it’s a series of emotions or moments that make me happy. Madness right? Maybe some of you already knew this and think wtf is she just waking up or something? Maybe. But I know I’m not alone.
So breaking it down into how I map out my everyday vibe; as mindfully as I possibily can. In no particular order, these are what I reach for on a weekly basis with a bonus attribute to add on to each day of the week. It’s like Pick N Mix for having awesome days.
  1. Think Like A Kid & Let Go

I’m in awe of my 3 year old. I have stopped telling Juno to ” stop being childish”. Because realistically we all have grown up despite our parents telling us a million times to “grow up”.

Children don’t take life seriously and are care-free. They have a little fit for about 3 minutes and get over it. Children don’t care who is around them, they are themselves. NO INHIBITIONS.

All their creativity is for everyone to see. So why can’t we do the same? Think about it! Juno inspires me everyday to let go that little bit more and just say “Wow” To everything he is amazed by. Why not?


  2.  Passion is EVERYTHING

It is bloody contagious man. That is why I love it so so much. I always thought about Passion as just having this unadulterated obsession with one aspect or if I may a certain goal, but really for me its a certain kind of Energy that leaves me feeling all tingly inside. You know when you fall in love for the first time, you get those butterflies in your tummy. That!

Anyone that knows me will know that I am easily excitable. I don’t know how to break that down, but I just am. Everything I have been passionate about has given me incredible opportunities both in my work and personal life. It helped me develop the skills I needed for certain jobs which meant I was learning and growing. In a way, being passionate makes you care.

I am surrounded by people that are so passionate about what they do, how they live, what they strive for. It’s incredible. They care about the environment, these are people that want to change the world. And really they are making it happen. Its bloody brilliant.

It’s mandatory for me to do what makes me feel excited on a daily. Okay this is going to sound corny as hell but having a passion towards food has given me purpose. It’s opened up so many doors lately, its incredible and I really cannot be grateful enough to those days I trialled most of my dishes and went OH MY GAH


 3.   Family

Nothing makes me more happier than spending time with the sam and letting them know how grateful I am for them. Doing the simple things like a stroll around the block or jamming in the garden on a Sunday playing catch.

¬†I use a positive word for Juno every single day when we are having breakfast and along the due course of the week he almost always reciprocates it to one of us by saying “Daddy you are Incredible” or “Mummy my home is so great” MELT RIGHT THERE.


4.  Strength 

Gosh where do I start with this one. The moment I think I need an extra pick me up. It’s always something physical I gravitate toward. Either a quick hike in the woods, a short TRX workout after dropping the kid off or an hour of Yoga.

Sometimes a simple 5 minute Pranayama does the trick when I feel a it deflated. To take me away and just focus on my breathing is powerful enough to quickly boost that body-mind battery and feel ready for the day. For me, personally it has taken a long long time drawing that kind of energy from myself. Believe me when I say, Retail therapy aint got ish on this fitness game.


5. Compassion

Being kind and empathetic, is for the brave and fearless. Simple. Motto of everyday. It is something I am extremely mindful about and have a wonderful teacher; my Juno. He taught me how to be more kind to my body and let go. Which pretty much blew my mind!

It created an awareness and welcomed a plant based lifestyle. I found myself snapping out of any negative or harmful thoughts that wasn’t helping my situation. I was mindfully checking myself.

We wouldn’t hurt others, so why hurt yourself?

purple smoothie

6. Food

Something every soul can relate to. It’s true love, lets all be honest here.¬†Food to me is a trip down memory lane. Regardless of what mood I am in, food lets me go on this mad adventure I simply cannot explain. Whether its a plate of Dosai or a home cooked creation, it triggers my brain and transports me to a particular memory.

If you had told me a year or so ago that I would suddenly love cooking so much, I really would have asked you to do one. But in all seriousness, give me a kitchen. ANY kitchen and my goal suddenly becomes creating food to make you smile and fall in love. I do that for me, so why would I do it for anyone else. Really, the dream is to have a humble little cafe style eating space for everyone.  There I have said it for the Universe to hear and read.


7. Disconnect AKA Log The F Out 

Listen, we all can and should no longer pretend that we have all been sucked into this digital world that gives us a massive neck ache because we are forever looking down at our screens, smiling to ourselves and responding to those exciting emails. I found myself replying to new opportunities at the gates of my kid’s nursery, creating and resourcing further opportunities while having dinner with my husband who I get about 4 hours in a day if we are lucky.

And finally, the BURN OUT came through at a moment where I just couldn’t afford it. My body shut down, my mind asked to calm it and I eventually stopped fighting it and worked hard on learning to disconnect. I accepted that time to just BE.

I left my phone at home one day and just took my camera out to practice taking some nature shots. It was incredible to just walk aimlessly and focus on NOTHING. This has slowly become one of my favourite things to do during the week. Ofcourse I schedule it according to the work I have going on. But it is something I am constantly mindful of. To the point where I DARE myself to do it. Ha ha.


The Bonus– LOVE babes. All of the above gives me that feeling. It makes me go wheeeeeeeeee. Realistically, another corny one for ya. We are all made with LOVE. Thanks to our Mamas & Papas.

This post was something I really really thought about putting off (even though it is by far the most honest post I have written), in the fear of coming across like someone who has got their ish together. Believe me, far from it. But what I am a strong believer of is nurturing what I think about achieving that for myself and the family. I am pretty adamant about leading a positive life¬†and there ain’t gonna be no compromises in that department babes.

I hope you liked the read as much I enjoyed writing it. I would love to know what you guys do to start off the week? Leave a comment down below because I am always always looking for inspiritaion.

Namaskaaram and have a wonderful week ahead.


Vegan Jollof Rice

Namaskaaram Everyone

Wow, What a January its been? Let’s take a moment to welcome February with open arms for all its adventures, challenges and epic moments.

I’m so excited for this month and all the dishes I have planned too. But can I just say, I am so over this weather though. It’s been absolutely miserable and trying to be enthusiastic sometimes is effort ha ha. Real talk.

So, Jollof Rice is a staple Nigerian rice dish prepared at parties or Sunday lunches according to my Nigerian friend. Its simple to make and tastes delicious. It reminds me of the tomato rice my mom would make but of course every family had its variations too.


Jollof Rice is usually made with chicken or goat meat but of course your girl made a vegan version. This was my first time giving it a go and I am still learning the Rice to Water ratio. I used Basmati Rice for this dish but you can use long grain or even brown rice. Basmati was what I had to hand.


This serves 4 so its a great way to meal prep for the week with a dish like Jollof Rice.


2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

3 Tomatoes, roughly chopped

1 Scotch Bonnet Chilli, roughly chopped

1 Red Bell Pepper, roughly chopped

1 Spanish Onion, roughly chopped

Handful Fresh Thyme Leaves

2 Tablespoons Curry Powder

2 Cloves Garlic (Optional)

1 Cup Kidney Beans ( Optional but adds a nice texture to the Jollof)

3 Cups Basmati Rice

6 Cups Water

Pink Salt + Pepper to taste


  1. In a blender add the tomatoes, scotch bonnet, onion, red bell pepper, thyme and garlic to make a puree.
  2. In a rice cooker or a regular pan, add 2 tablespoons of Coconut oil and add the puree to it and give it a gentle stir.
  3. Let the puree cook for about 2-3 minutes in low heat while gently stirring.
  4. Add the curry powder in and give that another gentle stir.
  5. In about a minute, add the Kidney Beans in and give that a good stir in the puree.
  6. Now add in the 3 Cups of rice and mix well so that all the rice kernels are covered in puree.
  7. Add some salt and pepper to taste.
  8. Add in the water. Stir well and let it cook for about 7-10 minutes. If you require another 1/2 cup of water don’t be afraid to drip feed.
  9. Garnish with your favourite herb.


I opted for coriander and lemon. You can serve this with a few slices of cucumber and a chilli infused Avocado mash. If you have some plantain chips, that could be another crunchy topping too.


So simple and hits the spot like a G. You are bound to have left overs so don’t be afraid to box them up and chuck it in the freezer for those rainy days.

I know this isn’t the traditional Jollof Recipe but its still banging! Give this one a go and let me know what you thought.


#Veganuary Beetroot AviyalÔĽŅ


Today needed a soulful bowl of Madras Aviyal. This morning has been extremely crispy with -2C and wild wind in the air. It was too cold to do anything but run everywhere. So I ran to the local green grocers, picked up some carrots and beets for the munch.


On my way home, I really didn’t plan on making this dish. I was making some coconut milk for a smoothie and went. Yup I’m having Aviyal for lunch. That’s it.


Avila is a super simple side dish that has various versions in South India. I opted for the Tamil version but the Keralite version has got me salivating at the thought. It’s not a vegan dish, so one of the main ingredients is Yogurt BUT obviously your girl swapped the yogurt for a vegan alternative. It is basically a ridiculously tasty hotpot of vegetables. You can add more than just two veggies in there and get creative with it. I opted for Carrots + Beets.  Let’s find out what I used shall we?

This serves two people.


1/2 Onion Finely Chopped

3 Carrots Chopped in bite size chunks

2 Beetroots Chopped in bite size chunks

2 Cups Coconut Milk

Tempering Ingredients

1 Teaspoon Mustard Seeds

1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil

Handful Curry Leaves

Coconut Paste Ingredients

2 Cups Desiccated Coconut

4-5 Green Chillies

1 Tomato

Thumb size Ginger

1 Cup Water


  1. Grab all the ingredients you need for the paste, blend them nicely and leave aside.
  2. In a pan, heat up some coconut oil and chuck the carrots in there to sauté for a minute or 2
  3. Once the carrot is done, it should be a bit sturdy but soft on the outside as we want this to cook in the coconut paste we have made above.
  4. Chuck the beets into the pan and give that a minute or 2 and gently fold over.
  5. Next, add in the paste and gently stir so the veggies are nicely covered in them.
  6. The coconut milk is now ready to go into the mix. Chuck the 2 cups of coconut milk into the pan and give it a stir.
  7. Add some pink salt to taste.
  8. Let it simmer for 10mins on medium heat.
  9. Turn the heat off and prep the tempering ingredients.
  10. In a small can, add the coconut oil and curry leaves for 30 seconds and pour over the Aviyal. And you are done.

Aviyal is normally served in a traditional South Indian Thaali or along dishes like Sambar.


I had mine with a spelt Roti and it was so damn good. I think my Paati would have been extremely proud.


I hope you guys give this one a go. It’s healthy, its vegan and you get 2 of your 5 a day ha ha. Sending everyone incredible amounts of energy to conquer everything today!

Go get yours babes!




#Veganuary Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Review


Eeks! I’m so excited to do this post because for a change its not a recipe and it is something I will always have an on going obsession with. Make-Up! Most importantly cruelty free and Vegan make-up.

I have always been a make-up junkie. I have this strange curiosity towards the cosmetics industry and even before transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle I was always learning about makeup. I am no pro-countourer or eyelash gluer but the world of make-up fascinates me. If you come up to me on the streets and ask me to help you chose a highlighter, you have actually made my day babes. No lie. I gotchu ha ha


If I was stuck on an Island and was to only bring one thing with me, it will al,lost always be a lipstick. Tell you why. You can use it as a lipstick, a blush and sometimes even an eyeshadow!!

And we all know the love liquid lipsticks have been given lately. For all the right reasons too. They are insanely pigmented, long wearing and come in so many finishes.

What makes me insanely happy is that there are so many incredible Vegan brands that are now creating excellent products. Why would you have to use animal products and test on animals in this day and age? I just don’t get it! Some of you brands need to get your act together. Because people are becoming aware by the second man. Awareness creates awareness. Simples.

That being said, let’s talk KVD. Katherine Von Drachenberg aka Kat Von D is a badass. I am so happy that she has utilised all her platforms for activism. And hallelujah KVD for the products you have created too. You guys can have a read through of who she is on Google. Because if I start, this blog post will become a dissertation babes.

So the below image is a comparison between the change in packaging and size. The ones in the middle are the ones KVD first came out with I believe in 2008 or 2009.Unfortunately my old KVD Liquid Lipsticks have rubbed off the details so I cant say how much there was in the tube. But I am so glad that she made them longer and also changed the formula because the ones she first came out with were horrendous!


Right enough mumbling. So let’s start with those fun swatches shall we?



Lolita ( It is a rose brown shade)


Lolita ( It is a Rose Brown shade)


Bow & Arrow ( A Nude Brown)


Bow & Arrow ( A Nude Brown)


Beloved (Creamy Vibrant Coral) 


Beloved ( Creamy Vibrant Coral)


Mother ( Yellow based pink)


Mother ( Yellow based Pink)


Susperia (A Magenta Purple)


Susperia ( Magenta Purple) 


Ayesha ( Apologies this is looking washed put, but this is a grey vibrant purple) 


Ayesha ( A grey vibrant Purple)


Bauhau5 ( Apologies this is looking washed out. But this is a blur based Raspberry shade)


Bauhau5 ( A Blue Based Raspberry shade)


A Go-Go ( A Vibrant Orange)


A Go-Go ( A Vibrant Orange) 

Now for the product breakdown.


Santa Sagre ( A True Red) 









What KVD Say about them

“THE life-proof lipstick that will not wear off! Yes, you can eat, drink, make up, break up and mouth-off knowing your lips are gonna stay flawless through it all!

In 28 to-die-for shades, this creamy formula glides over lips like a gloss and sets to a true matte finish. Along with 24-hour wear and high-pigment color, the next-generation formula is packed with natural moisturizers, including Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Wax. All-day wear has never felt so comfortable!

Live happily Everlasting!

100% Cruelty Free Forever! “


You get 6.6ml of product in each tube and believe me you will probably not run out for a year or so at least!

I love the packaging because it showcases Kat Von D as an artist too. She designs all her product packaging and props to her man.

The tube itself is pretty slim and sleek, so that makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go.



Oh girl! What can I say about the pigmentation. They are all incredibly true to colour and highly pigmented. One swipe is more than enough, but if you want to go bolder and brighter you can add a second layer and they won’t clump up.


At the moment all her liquid lipsticks are straight up matte. They don’t dry instantly, so if you fluff up you have time to clean it up.


The lipsticks have a very subtle scent of vanilla. That is what I get. Nothing that will over power your senses. I also have a mate who detests perfumed products and she didn’t mind testing these out for me. She said she felt comfortable and that the scent wasn’t an issue at all.


They come with a doe foot applicator which is quiet long and light as well. They have a slightly curved but defined edge, so if you are like me and don’t reach for a lip liner. You will be fine.¬†The applicator is quiet precise and manoeuvrable.


They sell at £20 a piece.

What I feel about them?

Obviously over the moon they are vegan and cruelty free babes.

They are my go-to lipsticks and I don’t reach for anything else to be honest. They have a fantastic shade range suitable for every skin tone. Which to be honest, KVD smashed! I love that she added a few adventurous shades like Echo and Witches to the collection. BTW there are 25 or so more colours coming out this year and I already have ants in my pants babes.

If you are worried about some of these shades feathering, well they don’t! Not on me at least.

They are one of those low maintenance lipsticks where you don’t have to keep retouching and worrying about whether they are all over your face.

They are multi purpose products too. So you can use them on your eyes and cheeks too which I do sometimes when I feel like Apple Jack from My Little Pony ha ha. I love the versatility of these lipsticks.

They dry to a comfortable matte finish and do not budge. Saying that, they are also quiet easy to remove. Coconut Oil or Olive oil will do the trick neatly and without tugging your skin on the lip.

They aren’t kiss proof though. Just saying.

Is it worth the hype?

Absolutely! Like I said, they are my HG for liquid lipsticks and always recommend them to anyone looking for liquid lipsticks.

And hello. Their names are all bloody epic!!

My favourite shades 

This is hard to chose from. But these are the shades I always reach for.

Santa Sagre, Mother, Susperia, Bauhau5, Witches, Exorcism , Ayesha, Lolita, A Go-Go

What you do need to know is, KVD’s entire makeup line is fun and for self-expression. So please don’t be afraid to wear black lipstick or red eyeshadow. It seriously is so much fun!!!

Kat Von D products are available at Debenhams in the UK and Sephora everywhere else and obviously her website.

I think I have covered pretty much everything in this review I hope. If you have any questions, pop them in the comments and I shall get answering.

Lots of love!!