I have arrived!

Hi Peoples!

Thought I’d introduce myself and my space for all the creativity and passion bursting in my minuscule space within my head, I call this space My Growing Intellect

I’ve got lots of things I want to share with you all, Fashion, Food, Fun things I get up to and most of all I am looking forward to meeting people with passion in what they do.

 I’m a dreamer and proud of it. Some say I live in my own fantasy world, which I agree with because there is where all the magic happens and everything is cloud like and fluffy….. there are cupcakes and bouncing castles in that world. There is music 24/7 and people sleeping on floating lilies…WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR HUH?!

 My Addictions: (not in any particular order)







Networking- So if any of you London based social junkies are up for a meet up! Holla!

So excited about getting this blog going. All feedback welcome!

Oh and the universe calls me AJ




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