Real Techniques- Expert Face Brush Review

Hey Beauts,

It’s the weekend! I have been waiting for today for 5 whole days. So what are my plans? Absolutely nothing apart from reading lots and catching up on blog posts, doing a few lookbooks and some makeup tutorials as well.

I purchased this baby after I saw a snippet of this in one of Pixiwoo tutorials and it looked like someone my brush set was missing out on, can’t have that now can we?  

Ever since Sam Chapman came out with her range of brushes, I’ve been a massive fan and they are brilliant at what they do so naturally I will support the Real Techniques range of brushes. Not only are these brushes well designed they are also affordable and Multi-purpose, like the Expert Face Brush.

On the box it says, this is an ultra firm brush used to apply cream and liquid foundation. It’s got thaklon bristles, so super soft no doubt and gentle on the skin too. At least for me. 


I think all their brushes are well designed and I love the way they look. They are lightweight and easy to travel with. 


Due to its firm brush head, I found liquid and cream product application is really easy and smooth.

 I usually dab the brush into my foundation and dot it around my face. Once I’ve covered all the areas I need foundation on, I then go ahead and depending on the foundation, stipple or start buffing into my skin. Both of which work very well and I get the same effect from the RT Buffing Brush too. 

The movement of the brush itself is quiet smooth and what I think helps as well is if you have moisturised your face and prepped the base for the foundation/ cream product. This is an important step regardless of what brush you use. 

The only struggle I had with this brush was when I used it with powder products to set my foundation or contour. I found it difficult to buff the product into my skin and felt that the powder sat on the surface making it look patchy. 

I find this brush works best with cream and liquid products as it says on the box. I love this guy and like I said before I am a massive RT fan so would happily recommend this to anyone looking to build their brush kit or even starting their own makeup collection. Worth every penny and worth every rave!


I got mine from Boots. They retail at £8.99 or £9.88 depending on where you are.

Well done Sam Chapman- you inspire me!

See you later guys and dolls!

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