Threads and Thrift

It’s been such a hectic few weeks but totally rewarding and super elevating! Which to me is so worth the effort one puts into to what you love doing….ImageImageShirt- Thrift Store, Trousers- Asos,Jacket- Thrift Store, Bag- Thrift Store

ImageShoes- JC Lita,Shirt- Thrift Store, Jeans- Thrift Store,Jacket- Thrift Store, Bag- Thrift Store

ImageShoes- JC Lita, Jumper- Thrift, Jeans- I’ve had these since University

How I style my outfits everyday depends on a lot of factors, how I feel, what it looks like outside and of course the occasion. Its always semi-casual, just incase I have to rush into a corporate meeting, so a blazer is handy at all times!

Incorporating colours through all seasons keeps me sane. I have never been the one to just stick with blacks, greys and navy not because of any particular reason, but just because I am a true colour junkie and hippie at heart. Celebration of colours is necessary if not compulsory in my life.

What are your colours and how do you play dress-up?



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