I’m a Retrofuturist

Hi beauts,

The festive season is here and what better time to slap on some bold lips, lashings of mascara and an attitude to kill for!

This brings me to a brand called Lime Crime! Bold and Beautiful!

So after a long time of reading reviews and watching YouTube swatches of Lime Crime lipsticks, I couldn’t resist the temptation of telling myself, ‘ Aj you do not need another lipstick, its wasteful and plus you have so many shades similar to this and they just sit in your vanity doing nothing’. But of course no one listens to their inner voice that makes sense most of the times and I am no different. I rushed to an online store, Genie Cosmetics and got my Retrofuturist Lime Crime Lipstick.

I must add that Genie Cosmetics are amazing with their speedy deliveries and the packaging is so carefully compact which is pretty important in my opinion. The last thing you want is your lipstick all cracked open and the colour smeared onto everything else you have ordered! Gross…So for that Genie Cosmetics get mad love from me.

When this baby did arrive it was like MY LITTLE PONY made a come back on TV. I was that excited, purely due to how cute the packaging is and also because of the vibrant colour. I’m all about vibrancy.

One swipe
Two swipes
Ok so now for the Review
The packaging is absolutely adorable and fun. I would not complain whipping it out at a bar from my purse.
The formula of this particular shade is quiet creamy and I find that it does add a little moisture to the lip. It isn’t as moisturizing as a M.A.C Creemsheen or an Amplified shade but sufficient to make your lips feel comfortable.
The colour is straight up blue based red and opaque. You will just need 2 layers of this for maximum POW! Like I said, it goes on opaque and stays put for a good hour or so with drinking and dinning involved. If you are at the movies and not chomping down on popcorn or chocolates, it tends to leave a faint stain which I like leaving the lips looking natural.
It’s got a Vanilla scent to it but the scent is much stronger than MAC lipsticks. Saying that, it isn’t overpowering when you apply it. It tends to fade away which is a plus. I cannot stand lipsticks that hold scents for too long a time especially on the lips.
The Price- It retails at £11.50 from Genie Cosmetics
I enjoy using this with just some liner, not too much blush and a simple pair of natural looking lashes.
I will be purchasing a few more colours soon and will put a review up on them too for all you beauts…
Hope you enjoyed this…
Let me know what you think about Lime Crime Lipsticks and what shades you’ve indulged in this festive season!
Until the next post, I leave you with sparklers!

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