Worth The Rave

Hi Beauts!

Hope everyone’s been well. It’s been ages since I blogged and to be honest nothing in the beauty world has excited me recently.

Just when I thought I was falling out of love with makeup, this came along.

Shenaz Husain’s Shaeyes 

On the pack it says it is a ‘Flower based eye kajal containing Trifala, Almond and precious herbs, relaxes eyes while promoting growth of luxuriant eyelashes’.

My breakdown

Trifala/ triphala A herb which has qualities of soothing and protecting the eyes from infections such a conjunctivitis and also protects from Cataract. It also helps hold the moisture in the eyes keeping them looking vibrant and healthy.

Almond Oil-This emollient of course is an all rounder. I have been using almond oil for years to get rid of any under eye circles and puffiness. This also helps to moisturize around the eyes without making it too greasy as the structure of Almond Oil is quiet thin and runny compared to any other oil. This ingredient in the Kohl helps the application in being smooth and also taking it off easily without leaving any kohl deposits in the eye. The only issue with this, is that it will have some kind of smudging but that be avoided by setting it with a matte black eyeshadow like MAC Carbon or Urban Decay’s Blackout, but really any black eyeshadow will do.

The other ingredients:

Petroleum, Ricinis Communis Oil (castor Oil) which is the best eyelash thickener and enhancer the world has to offer (take it from me I WAS KNOWN FOR NOT HAVING LASHES, so I know how much difference Castor oil has made to me), Cera Carnauba which is bees wax and it holds the kohl together giving it a rather lustrous consistency, Paraffinnum Liquidum, Emblica Officinalis fruit extract- Amla or Gooseberry extract which has nourishing properties for our lashes keeping them healthy and strong. Terminalia belerica fruit extract which is a fuit that grows out in India, It is a rejuvenate and laxative ingredient that is beneficial for the hair and eyes. This helps with soothing and preventing conjunctivitis.
Terminalia Chebula Extract, this is found in the Himalayas and acts as an astringent.
Cera Alba which is another type of beeswax providing the consistency of tis product , Prunus Amygdalus dulcis oil (sweet almond oil), Glyceryl Stearate which acts like a lubricant and helps the application of the kohl, Camphor provides the cooling and soothing sensation once product is applies. Its like a menthol refresher for your eyes. , Propylparaben which I’m not too keen on but it seems to be there in a lot of beauty products, CI 77266 (carbon black colour)

I remember using this product as a child and the packaging hasn’t changed one bit. It’s super light and compact so there is no hassle to carry this around with you.This was all I wore in my adolescent years, it was the late 1990’s so the look was very dark lips dark eyes we don’t give a damn- so this product was all I carried with me and a chocolate brown lip liner to give me the most matte look ever!
It goes on pretty glossy over the lids, so this will be perfect for those who love that grungy look, and slept in look which I love but don’t have the balls to wear it too often as it does make me look like a crackhead ha ha!
So without further blabbing, here is what it looks like!

I definitely recommend this product because almost all the ingredients used are natural and really good for the eyes. They are all enhancers in some sort of way  and if you are like me with very light lashes and not a lot of thickness to them, this product definitely helps lift your lash and eye area giving them some life.

It retails depending on where you buy them from around £7.50- £11.00.

Hope this has helped anyone looking for a lovely easy kohl look.

Until the next post, I leave you with…..eyes that twinkle!


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