Winter Skin Care Tips

Hello And Welcome!

We are in full swing winter in UK with the odd day or two of sunshine. I, for one do not mind the biting cold at all as long as I’ve got myself layered and warm. There is nothing more cringe worthy than looking at people shivering and complaining about the cold when all they are wearing is pesky little jumper, skinny jeans, high heels, gloves with open fingers and a scarp as flimsy as Parmaham! Comfort is my savior but it can also been done tastefully.

When it comes to winter and covering all areas, skin for me is the most problematic and temperamental.  I have days when I have to watch my oil seepage and then there are days when I have to duck because my face is shedding! Will you make up your mind already?

I definitely change up my products and routine for the winter and its important you do so too. It’s also the time where my complexion goes two shades lighter and is an annoying in-between, so it’s a revamp of skin care and makeup! You don’t want your skin looking dull and lifeless.

I’ve tried every drugstore product and natural remedies, few of which have wonderfully worked and a few not so helpful! Before I start going into one, please check with your dermatologist before you go on to change your skin care routine or products.

Let’s start from the very first thing we do in the morning. Taking a shower. There is nothing better than having a hot steamy shower first thing to make you feel amazing, but needless to say its not doing you any favors because all the oils our lovely body is secreting is taken away.  So first step towards beautiful skin, turn the heat down! Trust me, you will be thankful in a few years.

Exfoliation! What would I do without you?!  Depending on your skin texture buff, maybe twice or thrice a week to keep those dead skin cells away. You don’t have to go fun on power with the exfoliating, be gentle but thorough. Get those calves, knees, elbows, thighs and of course don’t forget the face, neck and armpits. What I use? Salt scrub. All you need is cooking salt and some brown sugar! Voila you are ready for exfoliation. Salt scrubs get in deep and get rid of all those yuckies that clog our pores causing breakouts and acne. This is a no brainer, economical and produces results!


Facial Steaming! Deep clean your pores with this simple and effective method that can be done at home. Who wants to pay for a facial, which we all know costs crazy amounts of money and soooo time consuming!

Look, when I steam, I want it done at home so I don’t have to expose my opened up and cleansed out pores! Just put that cucumber back on my lids and listen to some soothing music or the an audio clip of the ocean ( I have it on my playlist works so well!).


Top Tip: Salt water steam is so amazing, it works like a toner except it also cleans your pores and helps blackheads pop out a lot faster.  Works like a dream for acne prone skin!

Moisturizing. We all love lathering and I for one am very weary about what I use on my face, I’ve had way too many explosions on my face that have taken me years to combat and finding that one methods and a few products that works wonders on my skin and help enhance my best features!

Coconut oil! Best all rounder ever. No joke when I say this but I do not know what I would do without my Parachute Coconut Oil! This was instilled in me at a very young age, by my Great Grandmother was around, bless her. She was the village dermatologist and knew what every ingredient on the market stall could cure. She is still such a legend and I remember every routine she would force upon us but now I am so thankful to her for educating me on how we can look beautiful on a budget and rid all our stupid acne issues! Rant over! So Coconut Oil! Why? Because its antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial, its got what we all love, Vitamin E which helps with the whole looking young and having smooth skin thing.  It naturally has moisture-retaining properties so HELLO what is there to think about? Again pls consult your dermatologist before suing any of these method.


Top Tip- You can use this as an all over body moisturizer after a bath or right after you’ve got out the shower. This will help lock all the moisture in!

And  drink lots of water.

Happy days people!

This is the routine I’ve been going by and would definitely call it my Holy Grail without a doubt. I’m always looking for natural remedies and organic methods to work with.

I hope this information was useful and I’d love to know what methods you use?!

Until the next post- Stay smooth, happy and sexy!


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