Naked Basics

This weekend has been so gloomy ITS UNREAL!

Hi beautiful damsels!

Its been too long! We are now a week away from LFW and how freaking exciting is that.

Just for that occasion I’ve found something that will take me from the office to the parties in effortless ease.

Urban Decay palettes are relatively new to me but something I have always wanted to indulge in.

I do use the NAKED pallet and definitely think it was worth the money I spent on it. It has been well loved for sure and is a must for any beauty enthusiast. When the Naked Basics came out I tried to sit this one out for as long as I could or atleast until I found a good matte palette but none came to mind and none readily available in the market apart from TheBalm Cosmetics Meet Matte palette or the Lorac Pro which again isn’t available in the UK the last time I checked. If anyone knows where I can get it from apart from Sephora and all the usual American makeup outlets,give us a shout!

Naked Basics is a great palette to have for quick get-up and go looks but what I love about this one is that there is an option for a more dramatic look if you want to with the shade Crave.

I will be doing a breakdown of the shades in a moment. There are a number of looks you can create with this, ranging from a muted daytime look to a bold smokey, glamorous and vampy look.

The palette offers majority of matte shades and a satin shade to use as brow bone and inner corner highlight. It contains six shades out of which four of them are exclusive and I believe have a new formula UD worked on. The other two have been featured in previous palettes.





L-R Venus, Foxy, W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint and Crave


L-R- Venus, Foxy, W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint and Crave

Before I go into the actual review of each shade, do you sometimes have that chalky feeling with matte eye shadows? I have experienced a few that have had that rough and chalky feel to it and that is what I was most worried about. But with this palette all the shades were intensely buttery to work with which of course help blend them all together seamlessly. I did have some fall out when applying Crave but c’mon we all know that dark shades are tricky to work with and baby wipes in hand at all times! To me that isn’t an issue at all.

Venus is an off-white satin shade with finely milled sparkle in it which gives it a beautiful and subtle shimmer when applied over the lid or used as a highlight catches the light wonderfully.  No fall out whatsoever!

Foxy- This shade is featured in the Naked 2 pallet and is a yellow toned matte shade. A great matte highlight for those that don’t like shimmer and also an all over lid base which is a great tip when blending the shadows together!

W.O.S- AKA Walk of Shame is featured in the Build Your Own pallet and is a warm peachy beige. I use this as a highlight on my brow bone as I have quiet pigmented lids! Will suit every skin tone there is out there. Super matte! Love!

Faint- A dirty brown matte shade and works its magic to deepen up the crease and outer corners to create a little drama. I use this also to tight-line and man my lashes look so amaze  balls!

Naked 2– is a taupe brown and is definitely cool toned. Great for blending darker eye shadows or even to use as a transition shade. Super buttery and a dream!

Crave– A dark brown black, looks a lot more black in the swatch but I promise you it isn’t as black as Blackout. This shade is easy to work with but as with all dark shades make sure to clean up and avoid looking like a panda! I use this as an eyeliner and smudge it slightly to give my eyes that soft smokey effect, great for day and night!

This palette comes with a decent sized mirror which you can totally use to do an everyday face routine easily. You have shades for the lids, brows and two colours that can easily double up as an eyeliner.

The pigmentation is great and runs true to colour with all the six shades.

Packaging is super compact and lightweight, so great for traveling and just chucking into your makeup bag!

Urban Decay have done so well for themselves by creating pallets that are so versatile and easy to use with any eye shape, colour and skin tone! UD I am a big fan and keep em comin!

This little beaut retails at £20 and I grabbed mine from Debenhams. I believe House of Fraser also holds Urban Decay products.

My next buy has got to be the Naked skin and the Smoked Palette!

What are your UD faves? Whose excited for LFW!



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