Illamasqua Immodest Lipstick

Pretty Pretty Petunias! How y’all doin?!

This week is going to involve reviewing a lot of products I’ve been adding onto my makeup routine. Trying and testing out what will be my staples for the coming Spring!

I’m huge on lipsticks and absolutely love playing up the lips for any look I do. I tend to stick to very simple looks with bold lips. For a while now I’ve been gravitating towards a lot of Fuchsia, Corals and of course the vampy dark matte lip. You just cannot go wrong with one of those, regardless of what the season/trend is. Don’t tell me I can’t sport a vampy lip for summer cuz that just ain’t gon work with me!

When it comes to makeup, I do not stick to the norm and I rebel most of the time! Do what feels right for YOU! If you feel good and comfortable with what you have on your face run with it but I’d advice to step out of your comfort zone once in a while and have a little play!

 Spring to me screams pastel, corals, loud and vibrant lip shades with incredibly beautiful flawless skin. The latter is something I’m still working on. I will be doing a skin post soon to tell you my story of Acne prone grossness.

Today I’m reviewing Illamasqua’s Immodest Lipstick from the I’mperfection Collection released a month or so ago. I’m not the kind to jump on a collection as soon as it arrives but I’ve been looking for a vivid pink matte lipstick with a hint of warmth to it and this was just that. I do not own any other shades of Illamasqua lipstick so cannot compare this with the other shades and textures they have. I believe most of their lipsticks have a matte finish. With most mattes you can end up with a chalky texture on the lip if you haven’t prepped them prior to application so regardless of how moisturizing the lipstick is I’d advice of priming the lips before hand and letting the moisture soak in.

Immodest is no different. It’s quiet chalky in texture and super pigmented. It is most definitely a lot more drying then MAC Ruby Woo, so be warned and do the needful. It’s has a lot of warm undertones to it which works extremely well with my skin tone.

So let’s break her down shall we?….

Packaging- I love the sleekness of the Illamasqua packaging, very geometrical and it’s done with the thought of where your fingers fit just in the curve of the lipstick for easy maneuvering.

 Pigmentation- In abundance. I was very satisfied with the colour payoff/ pigmentation. It stands true to colour and is delightfully vibrant.

 Application- It needed a bit of pressing and does come out a bit chalky but that can be rectified but massaging it in with your fingers. The warmth of the fingers helped blend it out giving the lips a smoother finish. This did not bother me whatsoever.

You can grab yours from here and its retails for £16 here in the UK.

Stay warm and cozy lovers! xxx


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