Introducing Bonzai…..





Bonzai, the blogging world….

Blogging world…This is Bonzai the minilop that kind of became a cat size bunny!!

The man of my dreams, dark, fluffly and handsome. What’s not to love!

We got him about 3 years ago and  when he first came home, no lie I WAS SHITTING MYSELF AS MUCH AS HE WAS. My partner, Bonzai and myself had a STARE OUT for hours in absolute silence!

No one backed down. Our thoughts were, what the fuck have we done! Gone out on a whim and got this little baby bunny home when we know the both of us work full-time and for the next few weeks we will not be able to concentrate on anything else but him! His thoughts were, UGH MY HUTCH IS SO SMALL ITS DISGRACEFUL, I’M GOING TO PEE EVERYWHERE AND ON HER TOO (with a lot of nose twitching).

Luckily, at that time I was working part-time and would be home by 2pm in the afternoon. Yup SUPER BUM. But that routine quickly changed. The speed at which I would leave work was phenomenal. ROAD RUNNER AIN’T GOT SHIT ON ME! Speedy Gonzales move outta the way….

I’d get home to see this little face on his man-made cozy fleece blanket & his little ears perk would up as the door slammed shut with my high pitched  voice going BONZAI I’M HOME BABY! Needless to say I was hook, line & sinker with this one.

Caring for him is such a pleasure, yes he needs a lot of attention, regular grooming and plenty of constant feeding but trust me its worth it. Bonzai is highly social and loves human interaction. He developed a personality at a very young age, almost within the first 3 months of being with us. He is a free-range bunny so right now as I’m sat at work he is at home on our couch or most definitely looking out the window. It’s his new thinking spot, more like lets device a plan of attack! He has an almost happy-go-lucky attitude and can sometimes be an ASB ( Attention Seeking Bunny). He is a very vibrant character and has a very confident outlook on his way of life. He rules our terrain for sure. He is disciplined quiet frequently and gets told off when he does things like, ripping into my bathrobe and nibbling a magazine he’s dragged from the bookcase! HE can leap 3 feet off the floor onto my book cabinet! HE IS FEARLESS! GIT!

When we first got him, he was in his hutch for a couple of months so he knows that is where he does his business and not anywhere else. THAT CLEARLY DID NOT WORK because I slowly became his pillar of pee if I didn’t give him what he wanted. I was his Bitch! Ha ha

Every bunny is different and super intelligent souls, so please don’t underestimate them in anyway. It’s ignorant to do so too.

Bonzai eats almost everything ,vegetarian of course, he eats breakfast with us and nibbles on my toast or a slab of  Weetabix/ Fruit Muesli. Everything in moderation ofcourse.

This isn’t going to be a full on post about how to care for a Bunny, but if anyone is interested leave me a comment and I’d love to do a post on All you gotta know about Bunnies!

I just thought It would be nice to share with you guys a little soul that means more to me than the lipsticks and shoes I write about or want to buy!



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