#WIWT Jumpsuit Diaries

Let’s talk another day of me living in my jumpsuit.

Am I crazy? Have I absolutely lost the plot? I kind of think so.

But look how comfy!

I’m loving dressing up my jumpsuit the way I want to. I’ve added some neon and stripes to it. Today I’ve gone with a crisp white blouse from my local thrift store which I will be doing a mega post on because they just have the best selection and I am never disappointed.

Right, back to the outfit.

Pairing the jumpsuit with the white shirt gives it a clean, cool and a minimalistic look without taking away from the character of the one piece. Which is what I absolutely love about this combination.

It’s like both the pieces have a personality of their own.

White Shirt- I’m calm, collected and will get the job done

Denim Jumpsuit (Zara)- Don’t worry, I don’t bite!

I added a pair of tan sandals (Asos) with silver disco embellishment on it and a neon pink beanie to add a bit of colour!

As for my face, Apologies in advance if it put off some peeps.

I dared to go makeup free with just a touch of MAC Fusion Pink!

I spent 6 hours in Ikea last night! Needless to say my head is now like a maze.

All I could think of this morning was the ordeal we went through to PICK & DELIVER!

Ikea, you need a better plan because this whole Pick & Deliver malarkey is backbreaking nonsense!



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