Creative Culinary Ep 1- Mean Greens

Jambo lovers!

Let’s breath a sigh of relief, Its Friday Friday Friday….

So this is a post on a new series I’m working on as the title says ‘Creative Culinary’.

It is solely based on food, food and more food I consume on a daily basis.

I am a major foodie and appreciate all types of food.

So every week I will feature a plate I created using various ingredients that everyone has in their food cabinet.

Don’t worry, it will not be a full on roast! It’s most definitely going to be simple, easy and won’t break the bank for sure.

Today, I’m going to give you a recipe for my Mean Green Salad.

It’s super simple and a major taste tickler.


5-6 Broccoli heads

Green Beans – handful

Shredded Carrots- handful

5-6 Plum/Cherry Tomatoes sliced in half



Olive Oil

White Wine

Coarse Mustard

Black/White Pepper

Muscovado Sugar/ Honey ( I added both)

Empty jam jar/ or any kind of glass container for a good shake


Steam the beans and broccoli for 2-4 minutes so they still have that crunch to them. Drop the beans into a dish of ice cold water for about 30 seconds so they have extra crunch to them.

Grab all your ingredients, dash them on a plate and give the Vinaigrette and good shake. Once all the ingredients are mingling and look happy, pour over your salad et Voila! You’ve now got yourself a mean green goodness to munch on.

This is my happy meal!




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