#WIWT- Lace & Mesh

Today has been super productive and gorgeous!

When deciding my outfit this morning, the norm is to step out, check out the weather and then look in your wardrobe.

Lace and Mesh seemed to be what my mind was set on and this Ivory white dress I cut up was something I’ve wanted to rock for a while. I’ve only ever worn this once to a wedding, which is a shame; its such a dainty little number!

For the wedding I dressed it with flat pumps and a clutch; walking in heels was an issue for me back then.

Today, I dressed her up with a lace paneled  blazer which I got from a thrift store right by where I live.

I know its a JC Lita overkill, but guys when I moved homes I was so annoyed I had all these shoes and they were so useless, I got rid of them and kept the ones that don’t bite my feet off. Hence, the Lita take over on almost all the blog posts.

Hey, I’m working with what I got ha ha!

Hope you guys like and if you are on Instagram, look me up 🙂





Dress & Blazer- Thrift Store

Shoes- JC Lita

Lips- MAC VG Nicki


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