IMATS 2013

One thing that came to mind when I thought about going to IMATS is all the talented artists I would be surrounded by, and that my earthlings did not let me down!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with IMATS. It’s basically the INTERNATIONAL MAKE-UP ARTIST TRADE SHOW, where almost everyone that works in the industry gathers to talk about and showcase trends from Fashion to Film.

This year being my first, you can imagine how excited I was. Like a baby bee looking for a honey nest! It runs for 3 days and day 1 is always dedicated to the Pros cuz y’know they need to do their thang without the general public cramping their style! Once that’s over, Saturday and Sunday turns into this frenzy of makeup junkies like me, running around with a list of Things To Buy on our devices and getting excited about OCC Lip Tars and Stargazer pigments! Needless to say I was all of the above on Sunday.

I attended just one day as I’m the kind that likes to take my time and don’t deal well with crowds- At all! I mean I’m not violent but if you elbow me- ITS ON!

No, jokes apart though; I take my time in deciding whether a product will work for me and what other uses it may have in my life. Like for instance;  a matte bronzer, works as a blusher, to add warmth to your face and doubles up as an eyeshadow! That is what I love about make-up, you can get as creative as you want!

Back to IMATS, not having as much experience on what to expect or what to compare to, this year I got the feeling they kind of downscaled on the whole thing. Like every year Illamasqua was there and this year they weren’t. Not a biggie at all! Just saying.

I got to see a lot of people I admire and get inspiration from like Lan Nguyen, self taught MUA whose worked on loads of editorials and covered about 20 shows at LFW 2011. She held a workshop on the Main stage area about using pigments, glitters and the techniques she uses and what works best! She has such good energy and the place was packed!

Karla Powell was at the Crown Brush stand doing her Snow Queen thang and she is such a sweetheart! Love that she is so down to earth and pretty damn friendly!

I also strayed into the Club Room, and it turns out Eve Pearl was giving us a little run down on how she got to where she is. Let me tell you, this lady is the!

She is so humble and so honest and it was refreshing to hear someone say ‘There is a place for everybody in this industry’!

Apart from that, I picked up a few things which I will be featuring in a video soon (editing as I type this) and it was loads of fun mooching about and talking to people about MAKE-UP!

Who went to IMATS LONDON this year and what did you love about it?



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