A #WIWT From The Weekend….

Hey Pretties!

Happy New Year!! How amazing is 2014 already?!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season, ate loads, opened lots of gorgeous presents and hopefully didn’t fall over and face plant on New Year’s Eve! Ha….

It’s been such a long time since I posted an #OOTD and I’m so glad I’m back into the whole styling myself gig!

At the awkward stage of bump that I am, What I wore yesterday most definitely doesn’t get past my bump anymore; So I have resorted to wearing a lot of Shirts & Jumpsuits which are so darn comfortable to say the least.

Here is a little number from Asos I’ve been obsessed with, just because its Easy!




Pinafore Dress- Asos

Shirt & Bag- Charity Shop

Leather Jacket- H&M

Shoes- Leather Lane in London- Kate Kanzier

Beanie- Primark

Have a love day darlings!



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