Spiced Mojito Ice Tea

Ola! Como Estas? We are doing absolutely phenomenal. We are on our second day of a September Heatwave here in the UK and HALLELUJAH!
IT’S LIKE BEING BACK IN GREECE! Bringing back that truly out of this world time I had with the hubby. Have you ever had that feeling; where you have no idea what to expect and it turns out to be one of those ridiculously boombastic, eye-opening, perspective bringing holiday? Yup, that was exactly what it was for me. Returned home happy, grateful and appreciative for every single person and moment in my life. There isn’t a substitute for those simple pleasures.
We indulged in all kinds of ways. Food, drink, memories and laughter! So once back I really really fancied a drink of any kind on a super hot summer’s day but it was 1pm and being on an alcohol ban I had no other choice but to conjure something non-alcoholic and thirst quenching….. THIS beautiful monstrosity was what I came up with.
What is required:
Some sort of a vessel you can grind or smash up the ingredients. Just to marry the flavours together.
Your favourite mug/ glass/ jar
1/2 lime juice
1 tea spoon coconut sugar/ 1 Medjool date (which is what I used)
Mint sprig
Thyme Sprig
4-5 Thinly sliced Cucumber
4-5 Slices of Ginger
Dump all the ingredients together and mash it up!!! Filter out the liquid into the mug/ jar you will be using, pour in some Water or Coconut water to make it indulgen, take a fresh sprig of mint and stir 🌱🌱. Et Voila, the coolest drink ever.
Right? So simple! And I only just found out what ” NETFLIX AND CHILL” meant ha ha.
If you give this one a go, please tag me on here or leave me a link on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram 🙂
Have an amazing day!!

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