​ Lazy Girl Pasta- 3 Ways


Being lazy is something I have forgotten how to do and I kind of miss it. Let’s be real guys! I miss being a couch potato and staring into space ha ha even if it’s just for an hour every day. Being lazy is sometimes a life saver. It’s called TAKING SOME TIME TO CHILL THE F OUT.
I cannot sit still for a minute. I try and squeeze as much into my days and it feels awesome but I also would love to just sit in silence with a cup of tea/ vino,wander away & RESET.
And that is precisely what I did this morning. I made the Lazy Pasta Salad and gave myself a pat on the back.
This will now become a staple in all the BBQ’s and Potluck situations because its easy, flavourful and so badass on a hot summer’s day. So here is how it went down.
Serves Two Babes
What you will need
Pasta of your choice( I used Regular and Spelt Spaghetti
2-3 cloves Garlic Chopped
Handful Coriander
Handful Cherry Tomatoes Sliced in half
Ground Black Pepper
Fresh Thyme Leaves
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Red Chilli Chopped or sliced chunky
6-7 Asparagus
Red Pepper
Coconut Oil ( to sauté the Asparagus)
Organic Sprouts
Chickpeas or Butter Beans
Squeeze of Lemon/ Lime
Salt + Pepper to Taste
  1. Chuck all the herbs into a Pestle & Mortar. I  have the tiniest one and it serves the purpose so well. If you haven’t got one to had, put it in a food processor and roughly pulse till you you know the ingredients have all been beautifully married. Set aside.







Start cooking the pasta on medium heat. Once done, strain and add this dressing whilst the pasta is hot as it soaks up the flavour better. Give it a gentle but thorough mix and let it sit for a few minutes.

Add any other vegetables you would like to go with the pasta. I used Asparagus and Red peppers  for my spelt spaghetti and slightly sautéed them in coconut oil.

The one below I used organic sprouts to add a bit of a crunch to my pasta salad.


I’ve been constantly reaching out for this and there are so many variations to this dish. It’s school friendly minus the chillies and will take you less that 10 minutes to rustle up if you are pressed for time. Sometime I even reach for this guy after a sick workout. Et Voila babes.

I hope you guys give this one a go. I’m 100% hooked!

Have a beautiful weekend ahead of you babes



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