How Would You Like To Feel Everyday?


Namaskaaram beautiful beings. How are we all doing and feeling today? Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrations.

 I have been gone a while and all shall be addressed soon. Also guys, I don’t want to put content out there just to get that post in. You know? I write when I’m inspired. That’s that.
But in the meantime. A discussion I frequently find myself involved in is, how I decide or feel the way I do every single day? And et voila, why not write about it c’est ça?

I mean wouldn’t it be amazing to have your feelings mapped out for you like the days of the week. So we go to sleep on a “relaxed” Sunday night and wake up “motivated” on Monday. But ofcourse we all know that’s not the way the cookie crumbles.
Obviously when asked how do you want to feel? Everyone chooses Happiness pretty much on a daily basis. But when I really really give this ” Happiness” some further investigative thought. It dawned on me that it’s a series of emotions or moments that make me happy. Madness right? Maybe some of you already knew this and think wtf is she just waking up or something? Maybe. But I know I’m not alone.
So breaking it down into how I map out my everyday vibe; as mindfully as I possibily can. In no particular order, these are what I reach for on a weekly basis with a bonus attribute to add on to each day of the week. It’s like Pick N Mix for having awesome days.
  1. Think Like A Kid & Let Go

I’m in awe of my 3 year old. I have stopped telling Juno to ” stop being childish”. Because realistically we all have grown up despite our parents telling us a million times to “grow up”.

Children don’t take life seriously and are care-free. They have a little fit for about 3 minutes and get over it. Children don’t care who is around them, they are themselves. NO INHIBITIONS.

All their creativity is for everyone to see. So why can’t we do the same? Think about it! Juno inspires me everyday to let go that little bit more and just say “Wow” To everything he is amazed by. Why not?


  2.  Passion is EVERYTHING

It is bloody contagious man. That is why I love it so so much. I always thought about Passion as just having this unadulterated obsession with one aspect or if I may a certain goal, but really for me its a certain kind of Energy that leaves me feeling all tingly inside. You know when you fall in love for the first time, you get those butterflies in your tummy. That!

Anyone that knows me will know that I am easily excitable. I don’t know how to break that down, but I just am. Everything I have been passionate about has given me incredible opportunities both in my work and personal life. It helped me develop the skills I needed for certain jobs which meant I was learning and growing. In a way, being passionate makes you care.

I am surrounded by people that are so passionate about what they do, how they live, what they strive for. It’s incredible. They care about the environment, these are people that want to change the world. And really they are making it happen. Its bloody brilliant.

It’s mandatory for me to do what makes me feel excited on a daily. Okay this is going to sound corny as hell but having a passion towards food has given me purpose. It’s opened up so many doors lately, its incredible and I really cannot be grateful enough to those days I trialled most of my dishes and went OH MY GAH


 3.   Family

Nothing makes me more happier than spending time with the sam and letting them know how grateful I am for them. Doing the simple things like a stroll around the block or jamming in the garden on a Sunday playing catch.

 I use a positive word for Juno every single day when we are having breakfast and along the due course of the week he almost always reciprocates it to one of us by saying “Daddy you are Incredible” or “Mummy my home is so great” MELT RIGHT THERE.


4.  Strength 

Gosh where do I start with this one. The moment I think I need an extra pick me up. It’s always something physical I gravitate toward. Either a quick hike in the woods, a short TRX workout after dropping the kid off or an hour of Yoga.

Sometimes a simple 5 minute Pranayama does the trick when I feel a it deflated. To take me away and just focus on my breathing is powerful enough to quickly boost that body-mind battery and feel ready for the day. For me, personally it has taken a long long time drawing that kind of energy from myself. Believe me when I say, Retail therapy aint got ish on this fitness game.


5. Compassion

Being kind and empathetic, is for the brave and fearless. Simple. Motto of everyday. It is something I am extremely mindful about and have a wonderful teacher; my Juno. He taught me how to be more kind to my body and let go. Which pretty much blew my mind!

It created an awareness and welcomed a plant based lifestyle. I found myself snapping out of any negative or harmful thoughts that wasn’t helping my situation. I was mindfully checking myself.

We wouldn’t hurt others, so why hurt yourself?

purple smoothie

6. Food

Something every soul can relate to. It’s true love, lets all be honest here. Food to me is a trip down memory lane. Regardless of what mood I am in, food lets me go on this mad adventure I simply cannot explain. Whether its a plate of Dosai or a home cooked creation, it triggers my brain and transports me to a particular memory.

If you had told me a year or so ago that I would suddenly love cooking so much, I really would have asked you to do one. But in all seriousness, give me a kitchen. ANY kitchen and my goal suddenly becomes creating food to make you smile and fall in love. I do that for me, so why would I do it for anyone else. Really, the dream is to have a humble little cafe style eating space for everyone.  There I have said it for the Universe to hear and read.


7. Disconnect AKA Log The F Out 

Listen, we all can and should no longer pretend that we have all been sucked into this digital world that gives us a massive neck ache because we are forever looking down at our screens, smiling to ourselves and responding to those exciting emails. I found myself replying to new opportunities at the gates of my kid’s nursery, creating and resourcing further opportunities while having dinner with my husband who I get about 4 hours in a day if we are lucky.

And finally, the BURN OUT came through at a moment where I just couldn’t afford it. My body shut down, my mind asked to calm it and I eventually stopped fighting it and worked hard on learning to disconnect. I accepted that time to just BE.

I left my phone at home one day and just took my camera out to practice taking some nature shots. It was incredible to just walk aimlessly and focus on NOTHING. This has slowly become one of my favourite things to do during the week. Ofcourse I schedule it according to the work I have going on. But it is something I am constantly mindful of. To the point where I DARE myself to do it. Ha ha.


The Bonus– LOVE babes. All of the above gives me that feeling. It makes me go wheeeeeeeeee. Realistically, another corny one for ya. We are all made with LOVE. Thanks to our Mamas & Papas.

This post was something I really really thought about putting off (even though it is by far the most honest post I have written), in the fear of coming across like someone who has got their ish together. Believe me, far from it. But what I am a strong believer of is nurturing what I think about achieving that for myself and the family. I am pretty adamant about leading a positive life and there ain’t gonna be no compromises in that department babes.

I hope you liked the read as much I enjoyed writing it. I would love to know what you guys do to start off the week? Leave a comment down below because I am always always looking for inspiritaion.

Namaskaaram and have a wonderful week ahead.



4 thoughts on “How Would You Like To Feel Everyday?

  1. sujavenk says:

    Loved your lost. Very simple, realistic and achievable. It is all coming from your own experience and from the heart. That little red thingy that ticks and tickles. Children are the best teachers. No matter what the situation is, they just bounce back as if they never happened. Be natural for in it lies the truth of happiness. Love you

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